R&G Tree Service & Landscaping provides top level grading for foundations and landscapes in Greenwood, SC. Our team of grading professionals have the tools and knowledge to provide top level grading and dirt moving. We provide grading and dirt moving for all kinds of jobs, such as: foundation for homes or buildings, sod installation, irrigation installation, and surface drainage.

Benefits of Grading and Dirt Moving

Many home owners in Greenwood, SC are unaware of the benefits of grading and dirt moving. We have seen many homes that have massive puddles and water build up in the yards, this is due to improper drainage and grading. Over time moisture pockets will develop and deteriorate the soil beneath. This could become a very big problem if the soil beneath your home or building becomes compromised. At R&G we provide all of our customers with a quote and full length plan on how we can accomplish a successful grading job.

Grading job from R&G