Tree Planting

R&G Tree Services provides high quality tree planting service to homes in the Greenwood, SC area. Our team of certified arborists can have any tree planted within the time frame you desire. R&G provides the premier tree planting service to homes in the Greenwood area. R&G will make sure your trees are level, provided nutrient rich soil, and have plenty of room to grow and blossom.

Quality Tree Planting

Have you ever had a newly planted tree die without cause? The primary reason why a newly planted tree does not survive is because of improper installation. The second reason being inadequate watering. Contact R&G Tree Services to speak with one of our educated and approachable ISA Certified Arborist to help with your next planting project. Need help selecting a species that is well suited for your yard? We are happy to provide you with reliable information and will also provide assistance with the entire project from start to finish in a professional and painless process.

R&G Tree Planting