Irrigation Install And Repair

R&G provides professional irrigation install and repairs to homes all over Greenwood, SC. Here at R&G Tree Service and Landscaping we believe that your yard should always be in perfect condition. Which means no sun or dead spots are allowed to kill off the beautiful and luscious grass we provide. Now an irrigation system is the best way to make sure your yard is always in its best shape. We provide you with high-performance irrigation systems to make sure you never have to worry about watering your yard again.

Proper Irrigation Installation

An irrigation system is a system set in place to make sure your yard is always gradually getting water on a daily basis. Sprinkler heads come in many different sizes and shapes so we can provide the best watering system for your yard. For a full irrigation system set up it only requires four components. Full length water supply, a control valve for pressure control, distribution lines to make sure every part of your yard is evenly watered, and lastly it is the sprinkler heads. We can provide all this and much more at R&G in Greenwood, SC.

Irrigation installation from R&G Tree Service
sprinkler system install from R&G