Sod Installation

R&G Tree Service & Landscaping is here to protect and preserve your yard by providing the best sod installation in Greenwood, SC. We can assure you that we will only plant top quality sod on your property to provide you with the landscape of your dreams. Sod is grass that is laid out and held together by soil that is connected with a root or biodegradable system. Sod has many different versions of itself ranging from Bermuda Grass all the way to St. Augustine. It is used to prevent seeding your own yard and waiting 14 to 18 months for you to finally have the yard you always wanted.

Benefits of Sodding

Sodding is used as a faster and efficient way to provide the best landscaping possible. After your sod is planted and rooted in the ground the constant watering of regular grass is gone. All sod is professionally grown and cared for to provide the best lawn care in the Greenwood, SC area. Worried that your new grass will develop sunspots? That is not the case with sod, sod is grown with its own heat reduction because it is able to absorb heat. At R&G we believe that our sod installation services will give you the best yard you could possibly imagine!

pre sod install from R&G
Sod Install from R&G